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Zero-Waste Bouquet

Regular price $110.00

Meet our unique bouquet that we can proudly call totally zero waste! We use cabbage leaves instead of paper to wrap it and voilà — nothing goes to waste! There is a cotton or hemp ribbon (both perfectly recyclable) that one can use as a hair ribbon or to wrap a gift, or there are 253 other ways to use it — you name it! We also use a biodegradable tape and bamboo skewers to hold this beauty together.  

Contents: Radishes, Beets, Onions, Capsicums, Kale, Cabbage leafs.

As you know, some veges and fruit, as much as flowers, are seasonal or sometimes just not available, but no worries there — if something is out of stock we will replace it with something equally stunning within the same colour palette. You can also customise our standard bouquets at an extra fee.