We believe that your wedding day should be more than special; it should be a handcrafted custom celebration of you and your partner. Whether you’re picturing something quirky and against the grain (so to speak) or you adore the classical traditional style, but would like to add a sparkle of difference, we can’t wait to hear your ideas and get creative with you!

Veg it up!

Maybe you prioritise environmental issues, perhaps you want to go flowerless, or it could just be that your inner artist dreams of experimenting. Whatever your motivation, Vege Bouquet wedding decorations draw on an almost limitless list of natural items and turn them into eye-catching and unforgettable wedding décor from succulents and colourful fruits, to dried flowers, feathers, crystals, wheat, seashells, berries, herbs, and more – the only limit is your imagination.  


Why do a Vege Wedding?

Maybe we’re biased, but we think that expertly blending flowers, fruit, veges and other natural object unlocks a next-level kind of beauty. Each combination of colours, shapes, textures and scents is so dazzlingly unique that flowers alone struggle to compete. Even in small quantities, the “unusual” elements we use can transform a typical floral bouquet into something truly memorable and extraordinary. 


The process

We’re based in Auckland but happy to travel to your wedding location anywhere in New Zealand. Just fill out the online form below for a free consultation.