About VegeBouquet

At Vege Bouquet we believe in sustainability, ethical consumption and the beauty of vegetables. A vegebouquet – true to the name – is a bouquet of vegetables rather than flowers, and we are proud to be the first company in New Zealand to make fruit and veggie arrangements. Because we believe in a sustainable world, we use baking or craft paper as a bouquet wrap, bamboo skewers to arrange vegetables, and mostly hemp ribbon to hold our little bundles of joy together. The right fruit and vegetables are carefully handpicked for every bouquet. That does mean I’m often the lady at the farmer’s market or in the supermarket who’s taking waaay too long to pick her produce, but I can live with that!

We're currently offering a range of bouquets for any occasion – from a birthday present to a thank you gift for a client or colleague; or just a cute, inventive way to put a smile on someone’s face. Because that's what vegebouquets do – they make people smile

So, who am I? My name is Genia, and I used to work as a producer in the advertising industry. I worked in a highly visual sphere and was lucky enough to live in such breath-taking places as St Petersburg, Paris, and Budapest. All of this, together with what I like to think is a dash of innate talent (thanks mum and dad!) helped me to refine my visual taste, to see harmony and beauty in everyday things, to broaden my horizons, and to rewrite my notion of “normal”. 

Vege Bouquet all began, as many great things do, with some mindless surfing on the Internet! By chance, I stumbled across a photo with a stunning arrangement of fruit and veggies, and I just couldn’t get the idea out of my head. After all, why can’t a present be not only beautiful, but also healthy, useful, ethical, and sustainable? A vegebouquet could be all of those things, and so my little labour of love was born at the end of October 2016.